Finnegan’s Quest, a fantasy and an allegory

While visiting town I noticed a crow scavenging for food on the sidewalk.  An ordinary scene, right?  Nope.  Neither was my reaction normal for me.  I gasped, on the verge of tears, partly because one of the crow’s legs resembled a flexed elbow upon which it walked, and partly because of the bird’s attitude.  The crow moved with as much ease as if both legs were normal.   It had adapted perfectly to what should have been a devastating injury.

That sight stayed with me.  For my novel, I visualized such a crow with a serene attitude.  She became Crookshank, one my novel’s main characters.

The story takes place when fall colors are at their height, competition for the colorful fur of Finnegan, a red fox.  Finnegan is on a quest for a guru, and he connects repeatedly with Crookshank.

During his quest, he faces dangerous and ridiculous situations.

More on this later.


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