You Don’t Need a Reader to Download an E-Book

Electronically published books are increasingly popular.  And no wonder.  They cost little to produce; the author enjoys a greater share of the profit; and they are much less expensive than print books and occupy no shelf space.  The readers, whether Nook, Kindle, or some other brand, are the size of a regular book but thinner and lighter and easy to read.  Besides, they are less costly than when they first came out.

I imagine e-books number in the millions.  Even the many books in print include an alternative e-book publication.

And they are readily available.

If you don’t own a reader, you can still download an e-book. has a free Kindle application that enables you to read an e-book on your computer., a major distributor of e-books, has even more alternatives:  You can download to other electronic devices, such as a mobile phone, or you can download directly to your computer.  Yep.  As long as you have a computer or mobile phone or ipad, or a reader, e-books by the thousands are available to you at low or no cost.

March 4 to 10 is Read an E-Book Week.

During that time, my e-books at Smashwords will be free or nearly free.  For fantasy, try Finnegan’s Quest .  If you like science fiction, read Train to Nowhere.  Or if you like horror, check out Long Pig.

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