Book Review: Finnegan\’s Quest by Gloria Piper

Who will be Finnegan\’s most perfect guru? Someone big, mysterious, and scary? It\’s what the young fox believes. His quest leads him into Squiggly Wood, only to find no welcome from its critters, except for Crookshank, an elder crow reputed to have an evil foot. Finnegan, if he is to have any help in his search, accepts her offer of friendship. Shortly after, the woods erupt with guides and misguides vying to mentor him and separate him from Crookshank. Why should anyone care? The two friends investigate the cause of this attack and find it tied to a scheme by a secret force to take over Squiggly Wood. Finnegan\’s Quest is a fantastical allegory that pokes fun at life\’s foibles, political, religious, and social. Young and adult readers will find a quick and amusing read that invites them to look at life in new ways.

via Book Review: Finnegan\’s Quest by Gloria Piper

The Bowing Oak Tree – Writing Challenge


Easter services are held each year in Bidwell Park, but the tree bows before the cross the year around.  Is it really paying obeisance, or is there a different story?  Years ago, an Indian might have broken this tree to point the way to somewhere.  Bent but not broken, the tree survives.  Perhaps it is part of nature’s travail for deliverance from  abuse.

What story or essay might you write?

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