Park Scenes that Inspired Finnegan’s Quest


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When I hike in the park, I think of  Finnegan’s Quest.

Fall swept grass

 The story takes place in the fall.   The grass is dry, windswept.

fall color 084

The wild grape leaves are bright.

Sycamore  2007_1220december0037

The sycamore ‘s leaves are like fingers pointing in the same direction.

sycamore 348

eroded sycamore 176

The Western sycamore, featured in Finnegan’s Quest, is wild, and tall.  It’s not at all disciplined like the European sycamore trees (plane trees) that line avenues and stand like soldiers at alert.   Finnegan’s sycamore perches on its own roots as if they are legs.

western sycamore 018 It has two great trunks, one that angles along the ground like a bench before turning skyward.

western sycamore base 004

It invites many creatures to live in it.

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