The Strongest Dog

“I sure miss having a dog.”  So spoke Hubby.  A couple of years earlier he had said, “No more dogs.”  No more dogs after the death of our lady, a Border Collie-Wolf mix.  Grayson is a dog person.  I’ve always been a cat person, but we now had no pets.

Grayson accepted being dog-free as long as he befriended the neighbor’s lab, Shasta.  But when Shasta died, he spoke around the hollow of his heart.  “I sure miss having a dog.”

It wasn’t only Hubby broaching the subject.  That Inner Guide, referred to by many names, whispered to me.   People with pets are healthier.  People with pets live longer.  A pet makes an ideal companion.  I thought of how when one of us should die, a dog would enliven the survivor.

So I confessed to Hubby that the Spirit was nudging me.

We visited the Humane Society and saw dogs with happy eyes and mean eyes.  Woof-woof.  Arf-arf.  Yap-yap.  Big dogs, little dogs.  Ugly, pretty.  None appealed to us until a silent, two-year-old black Labrador exchanged soulful eye contact with us.  The mellow fellow looked depressed in this noisy crowd.

Angus 262

So we took Angus home, and on our first walks around the neighborhood, a youth remarked, “What a beautiful dog!”  A guy yelled as he slowed his pickup in passing, “Now that’s poetic.”  Another man approached Grayson and said, “Let me shake your hand.  I wanted to adopt him, but I already have three dogs.  I was afraid he would be put down.”  The little girl next door, asked, “Can I play with Angus?”  Others call out, “Hello, Angus.”

Angus is sleek, with the shiniest coat I have ever seen on a dog.  He loves people, loves other dogs, loves to run and prance.  Sometimes, though, his left hind leg bothers him and he’ll try to dig at it, which frustrates him because he has no left hind leg.

Evidently he messed with a car and the car won.  But Angus isn’t handicapped.  In fact, the Human Society said he was their strongest dog.angus 253

angus 252


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