December Interview

Troy Jackson has my interview up on his blog at  Check it out.

I’m pushing  Train to Nowhere and Finnegan’s Quest because these are what I have out as e-books and paperbacks.

Meanwhile I’m immersed with working on two other fantasy novels.  But I need to poke my head out with some Christmas thoughts:

In years past, the furniture in most homes included a piano.  And most kids would play Chopsticks or Heart and Soul on whatever piano they came across.  My fondest memory was when we would gather around it to sing Christmas carols.  Traditional carols were welcome in schools in those days, and when the season neared, the whole school would congregate and heartily sing.  I loved to harmonize, ever since I discovered in the third or fourth grade that I could with Silent Night.  High notes were always difficult for some of us kids.  One coped by singing in monotone.  I sang alto, thereby legitimately avoiding high notes while adding depth to the music and having fun.


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