Sometimes a Loss is a Win

Train_to_Nowhere_Cover_for_KindleExample: Several months ago, I entered Train to Nowhere in the 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards contest. Did I win? No. Nevertheless I received an individual evaluation that was promised to all entrants. Below is an excerpt of the judge’s commentary on my science-fiction novel:

“This was a great book. You created a fascinating world that is unlike any other and then built characters to fit into that world. I thought you did a great job at describing that world so that the reader could get a clear view of what it was like. You meshed setting, plot, and characters together seamlessly, so that one could not exist without the other. These are all the marks of a great author…”


So why didn’t Train to Nowhere win at least an honorable mention?

The judge said, “The only suggestion I could make was that the cover seemed very simplistic for such a layered book….While the front cover does depict a train coming, given the depth and complexity of the story, I would have liked to have seen an image/images that reflect that level of complexity too.”

So, can anyone suggest a stunning cover for an author on a limited budget?


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