Angus: Our Mighty Underdog

angus 253Grayson, my dear hubby, who is plagued with equilibrium problems, insisted I write about the last time he fell and how Angus, our English Labrador retriever reacted.

I was at the computer, when a loud thud in the kitchen caught my attention. By the time I reached the scene, there hubby and dog lay on the floor, side by side, with Angus avidly licking Grayson’s face. Grayson kept trying to get up, but Angus had him pinned by his hair.

Even before I helped hubby to his feet, he said he was standing at the butcher block, opening a package with his knife, when he slipped, lost his balance, and fell. Before he hit the floor, Angus tried to catch him by leaping forward, so Grayson landed on top of him.

Throughout his life, Grayson has had many dogs, but not one had ever cushioned his fall. So he treated Angus like a hero by rewarding him that day with nearly a week’s worth of food. Hot dogs, sweet rolls, doggy treats.

Angus didn’t eat for three days after that. But in the animal hall-of-fame in Grayson’s heart, Angus holds top honors.


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