Water Pearl, a Fantasy, Coming Soon

Perhaps Skye’s life would be easier if he weren’t the son of a Two Toner, a race reputed to be insensitive. Such a legacy is his strength and his failing. If only he could tap into the special knowing that he supposedly inherited from his deceased mother, who was Wildung, a mysterious race known for its ability to read people. Perhaps then he wouldn’t have stolen the water pearl from the wood sprite. But he needs it for protection against the god-king who eats souls.

Meanwhile a Wildung maid searches for a remnant of her people, who are condemned as goddess worshipers. Her companion, an intelligent parrot, dares to blaspheme the god-king.

I’m working on the book cover.

A Mysterious Dwelling in the Upper Park

Rocky outcropping2944 (2)

While hiking in Upper Bidwell Park, I looked far up the ridge on my right to see a house, complete with a lawn, trees, and shrubs.


I’d never seen it there before, and how did it get there?

This was the wild part of the park, a place of deer, coyotes, secretive bears and mountain lions. It didn’t belong. And so I kept peering at it as I walked along and noted the detail.

The windows, the door.

The roof, walls, and foundation.

Others must have wondered about it, too. A sketchy trail led up to it, so I mounted the trail and approached.

And then I saw it for what it was.

rocky cropping2952 (2)

A rocky outcropping.

Ha! I love this park.

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