Kristina Chesterman’s Legacy

In September 2013 Kristina Chesterman, a nursing student at California State University, Chico, was riding her bike home when she was struck and killed by a drunk driver. The story doesn’t end there. Kristina was known for her friendliness and generosity. After her death she gave two people a liver, one person a kidney, and another a heart. Her parents and fellow nursing students banded together to help build a health clinic and dedicate it to her in Nigeria. Construction has begun on it, and half of the $100,000 has been raised for its completion. After her death, Kristina’s mother discovered her daughter had a bucket list. She posted it on the internet, along with the story. People from all over the world read the story and made her bucket list their own. (You can find out more by googling Kristina Chesterman.)

Kristina’s bucket list:

  • Be in four places at once
  • Go to Venice
  • Learn to play chess
  • Beat someone at chess
  • Save someone’s life
  • Own two pieces of property (one with livestock)
  • Manage or own my own business
  • Get married
  • Have kids
  • Learn to fly a plane
  • Go to four (out of seven) wonders of the world
  • Fly first class on a plane
  • Visit the 50 states
  • Ride in a hot-air balloon
  • Go parachuting
  • Go sky diving
  • Ride a camel
  • Travel to all the continents
  • Be remembered as “the smiley girl”
  • Break up a fight between two guys over me
  • Be in homecoming court
  • Run through a poppy field
  • Tour Niagara Falls
  • Go to the Smithsonian
  • Drive Route 66




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