A Message for Voters, as I See It

Tuesday is Election Day, and I’m sick to my stomach with fear. What bothers me is that there are none as blind as those who refuse to see. Yet I can no longer be silent. Will anyone listen?

Is Hillary Clinton so bad? Is Donald Trump?

Let’s put things in perspective. In July, after a long investigation, Mrs. Clinton was found to be NOT indictable for her emails. What had she done? What was her crime? Among the thousands of emails on her private server she had sent something like three classified documents. Evidently they went to the proper recipients, since there were no complaints about that. The complaint was that she had sent them on an insecure device. Previous secretary of states had done the same, but hacking may not have been an issue then. The documents arrived safely to the proper places, so Mrs. Clinton was guilty—NOT of a crime—but of an indiscretion. Therefore she was roundly scolded and accepted responsibility. Lesson learned. The end. Or was it?

It’s the only thing Trump can attack Clinton on and have it stick, however slippery, because her record is too clean.

So what of Mr. Trump? How does he compare?

It’s a matter of record that he has a private email server that is connected solely to a bank in Russia and has been for at least 5 years. (Google Trump, Russia). Previously he bragged about his relationship with Putin (ex KGB, now dictator of Russia) and later denied he even knew Putin. It’s a matter of record that he repeatedly defends Putin and Russia. When Russians hacked into the Democratic convention, Mr. Trump denied any wrong doing by Russia and then proceeded to invite Russia to attack Mrs. Clinton. Inviting a foreign power to attack a US target is sedition, isn’t it? It’s a matter of record that Mr. Trump appeared on a Russian propaganda TV and verbally attacked the United States. Treason? Makes you wonder if Trump is a Russian puppet.

Additionally Mr. Trump caters to the Mafia. (Google Trump, Mafia) He also tried to seduce a Mafioso’s daughter, who is married.

Donald Trump is known as a pathological liar. Fact Check lists pages of his lies. How can you believe a liar who besmirches others for his own advancement?

Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for decades—a fish bowl of scrutiny. She’s shown herself to be qualified to be President, for her experience, for her acts of compassion, for her ability to work with others. For example, her work with disadvantaged children and for women’s rights worldwide are a matter of public record. One of her great strengths is her habit of listening to the concerns of others and acting upon them. She is known as a hard worker. We need her to safe-guard and heal our democracy, and we need a Congress that will enable her to do this—a Congress that will put country above party.

In pre World War II Germany, the people voted in Hitler, thinking they could control him. But he surrounded himself with thugs. He selected an enemy for the people to focus their frustrations and hate on, the Jews. Trump has selected immigrants, among others. Hitler used the Big Lie Technique. Tell a whopper and repeat it often enough that people will start to believe it and incorporate it into their own beliefs. Trump uses that technique repeatedly. Too bad it works. Trump wants to do what dictators do. Imprison the opposition, throttle the press. (Forget the Bill of Rights, which protects freedom of the press.)

Abraham Lincoln called our government a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. Trump and others want a government OF the people, BY the dictator, FOR the privileged few.

Democracy must not be taken for granted. We must be vigilant so the inroads to our freedoms are removed and the blessings of liberty restored for our entire nation. The world must see that the beacon of freedom still exists and that democracy works.

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