Donating Your Voice to the Speechless is looking for volunteers to donate their voices to those without speech. It costs you nothing, except a few moments of your time.

Let me tell you about the speechless. You’re familiar with Stephan Hawking, the great physicist, right? The paralyzed genius in the wheelchair?

Lou Gehrig’s disease stole Stephen Hawking’s natural voice. And then he received an artificial voice that allows him to communicate in  spoken words. This program is available to others who cannot speak, due to accident or disease. The one drawback is that everyone who uses it sounds like Stephen Hawking. Disconcerting, especially if that person is a little girl. And can you imagine a roomful of these people, conversing and all sounding alike?

Well, came to the rescue with recorded voices that match what the recipient would normally sound like. A woman, a little boy, an old man…

Are you intrigued enough to be a volunteer? It’s painless and free. Check it out. All you need is a computer, a microphone, and a quiet room. Have fun!



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