My Soul Mate, My Valentine

It would take a book to tell of my love. I’ll share some highlights:

Grayson thinks we might have first met when he saw me repairing the siding on my mobile home during a gale. (To the rescue.) “Here, let me help you.”

I saw a man near my age, no more than three inches taller (which is short), black hair with a slight streak of white down the middle. He had a Mediterranean build, a powerhouse without the bulk.

(I don’t need any help, but…) “Sure.”

We worked together, guaranteeing not even a hurricane would rip the siding off.


In August I heard of the corn maze. Sounded like fun, but who could I invite to accompany me on so childish a venture? Then I saw Grayson. (I know this is silly but…) “Would you like to go through the corn maze with me?”

“I’d love to.”

He found me interesting.



A lady I considered a friend, grew jealous of me and Grayson. There was nothing to our relationship but she claimed to love him, claimed they would be married. Grayson knew all she wanted was a servant, and he was dating a nurse, his fiance. My ex friend insisted I was going with Grayson, so she sought ways to punish both him and me.

Meanwhile Grayson had back problems. His fiance took him in for surgery and dropped him off–with a dear John letter. When hardships descend, you find out who your friends are.

My ex friend’s punishment stayed on target.

(Knight in shining armor to the rescue.) “Will you marry me?”

“No.” (Nice offer, but not a good reason for marriage.)

Still he did protect me from her, and gradually we grew closer.

“Will you marry me?”

(Not that close.)

As time flowed, we found ourselves speaking each others thoughts, finishing each others sentences. A visit to the corn maze brought new rules. Turn always in the same direction, and at the end of each cul de sac, hug and kiss. Yep, we were getting closer, more a spiritual matchmaking. And yet, he was lusty and outgoing. I was reserved and introverted. Was something wrong with me, with him?

I read Please Understand Me, by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates, a book that tells about different personality types. It turned out that I was quite normal for my type and he was normal for his. It also said that my type was drawn to his type for his ebullience.

Okay, I was ready. He brought me a big egg, solid chocolate. Inserted in one side was an engagement ring. I plucked the ring out, licked it clean, and slipped it onto my finger.


Two years seem just about right for getting to know each other. And we made an agreement. We will not try to change each other. We will not interfere with each others freedom. After all, we were both in our 60s. Grayson was a widower who needed to be married. I had never been married because I valued freedom and truth. Easy agreement. We were buddies, pals, best friends, soul mates.

In August we swept into the courthouse to get a license. The sheriff, all smiles, said we could get married immediately. It so happened the tax collector was available. The event seemed to brighten everyone’s day. We were buddies, pals, best friends, soul mates, and married.

Grayson, ever the romantic, wanted me to be married in the church. So in April, as close to Valentine’s Day as possible, we celebrated in a lovely chapel, filled with relatives. Instead of rice, everyone blew bubbles. Cleaner, more fun, and magical.

“Aren’t you excited?” someone commented.

“No, but I’m comfortable.”

Each day, my soul mate continues to woo me.

“Love you.”

“Love you, too, three and four, and even more.”


And then there’s Angus.

Grayson wanted a dog, so we visited the Humane Society. Amid all the yapping and barking, there remained one who was silent. He looked at us with eyes the color of tiger eye. Grayson saw pure love and made a connection. Angus, they said, was the strongest dog there, but he only had three legs.

“What difference does that make?” Grayson said.

He wanted a companion dog, not a hunting dog. So we brought a shiny black English Labrador home.

He soon proved his love, his strength, and his worth. When Grayson developed vertigo and fell, Angus would leap forward to cushion his fall. Then he would work to get Grayson up.

Angus barks at strangers but never at someone he’s met once. He loves everyone, except cats. Ah, well. No one’s perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brian Piper
    Feb 12, 2017 @ 20:57:31


    This is a beautiful and enriching story. There is so much I did not know, and you opened up your heart and told a wonderful story of your events. You told a lot more than just about Grayson and yourself, There are others you also spoke of.
    This was a great Valentine’s Day story.

    I do not know where I was during those happy days you got to know Grayson. But I am happy with the results.

    With love for you and Grayson,

    ps. I think I have visited with you sometime in the last several years, but I do not recall seeing Grayson. Is he still around and well?


  2. gloria piper
    Feb 13, 2017 @ 08:36:07

    Hi, Brian,
    You attended our wedding celebration. And was it last year that you came to Orland to attend a class reunion? We met at Richard’s place in Corning.


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