The Climate March

Friday’s email told me a climate march would take place in Chico the next day. On such short notice, I wondered if many people would turn out. I arrived at the fish fountain in front of the municipal building on time, and saw three people, working on signs.

“Is this the right place? Are we having a march today? Where are the thousands of people?”

They were expecting their leader from 350 Chico, a local climate watch organization that had planned the march.

Gradually people showed up, mostly college aged, but also an older woman in a walker from a weekly peace vigil down the street, a man in a wheelchair, a homeless woman, and a college professor. The grand entry of a family of five, all bearing signs, was a real spirit lifter–not that spirits were low. We had plenty of signs, and eventually we numbered 30, not enough to march. Instead we lined both sides of the street where we bobbed signs and waved at passing vehicles.

The father of the family had promised his bathing suit clad kids a run in the plaza’s fountain afterwards. Meanwhile the daughter, Genevieve, who appeared to be eight years old, threw herself into leaping and dancing and yelling slogans and lectures nonstop. Traffic or none. It was fun watching her, so beautiful and athletic.

As drivers waved, gave us thumbs up, or honked, we answered with whoops. Woo-hoo! About 35% responded positively to us. Only three were negative. One guy farted black smoke out of his pickup’s tailpipe. Another gave a thumbs down. The third yelled “fuck you” with a dirty gesture. At that, words flew out of my mouth, “Jesus loves you!” Which earned me a surprised look from another sign bearer.

Did the insulter hear me? Possibly.

I thought about Trump who professes to be a Christian but acts like the devil. But then I thought, this rude guy who drove by is loved. And it’s out of love for our planet, ourselves, and our future generations that we are demonstrating…to save all life, and yes, even the lives of those who resist us. Our children and our children’s children want to live. Shouldn’t we give them that chance? We must.

Despair is no excuse for inactivity. The remedy for despair is to act. As long as there remains a shred of democracy, we can act peacefully–through the vote, through petitions, through contacting our representatives in the government, through writing articles, and even through prayer. Should our democracy completely disappear, where checks and balances no longer exist, where votes, petitions, and other peaceful protests are no longer allowed and our voices are silenced, only then would our protests turn violent.


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  1. Brian Piper
    Jul 01, 2017 @ 12:10:46

    Well, I have a very antagonizing problem now and then, which may be linked to my lack of total precision as I press keys on my keyboard. Sometimes as I press keys, the entire paragraph that I may have been writing for perhaps 20 minutes will become highlighted, as if I have selected it for making a copy. This accident occurs so quickly, that when it happens, my paragraph has vanished, and I have no way of getting it back. The accident is that when my paragraph is suddenly, and unintentionally, highlighted, my next keystroke makes it vanish. I am not aware of any trick that let’s me undo my last keystroke and by doing so recover my lost paragraph. This flub has been occurring two or three times a day. Ooooh,,,frustrating when it happens.

    OK, back to to primary subject now,

    This was a fun-little-read of going to a demonstration where not as many people showed up as originally expected, but those who did show up did the next best thing of standing out beside the road, an showing their signs to passing cars. It sounds like a reasonably successful action, despite running into a few nay-Sayers. And you are right. We love even the nay-Sayers, and their children as well, This is a free country, and even the less well liked people can do well.


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