Dreams, More than Entertainment

In the window above my kitchen sink hangs a pretty sign my hubby gave me. It says, “May all your dreams come true.” Always I would change that message in my mind to read, “May all your GOOD dreams come true.”

Lately though, I realize all dreams are good, and most represent what is happening now. It is the rare dream that is prophetic. I remember a couple over my lifetime. I remember more dreams about the past, more common than the prophetic. Both types are interesting and informative. Because we live in the present, however, most dreams tell you what is going on with you now.

Dreams have their own logic and symbolism. Most people may dismiss them as meaningless entertainment, but if you interpret the dream’s language, you discover its importance.

Dreams are personal. While one size does not fit all, certain symbols seem universal. For example, a car may represent your body. Are you driving the car, or is someone else driving it? That is, are you in control of your life or is someone else in control of it?

It’s not the best idea to have someone interpret your dream for you. They might tell you, for example, that dreams of flying represent death. Maybe to them, but not to you. Meanings of symbols differ according to culture or personal experience. You can accept help from an interpreter, but the dream message is for you and not them. It’s up to you to use your own understanding of the symbolism as it pertains to your life. A dream might tell you that your male and female hormones are properly balanced. It may tell you where you are in your monthly sexual cycle. It might tell you when your allergies are bothering you. For example, if anyone in my dream is smoking, it’s telling me I’m having problems with air pollution.

Have you ever dreamed about being late to class or a job or of losing your way? Nightmares are usually the release valve on what would otherwise become a pressure cooker of stress. If a nightmare stirs your emotions, it might be a warning that something needs to change. A job, a relationship, a medical situation.

Dreams are progress reports, guidance and preparations, warnings, and comforts. They cover everything about you. Your potential, your growth, your decline, and what lies beyond. Pay heed.


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