The Corn Maze Romance

4-H sponsors a corn maze and pumpkin patch every October. When I first became aware of the corn maze, I wanted to walk it. Having never done it before, I felt shy and hoped to find someone to go with me. Should I ask my landlady? She’d probably say yes, but she had a habit of fizzling out before we’d get far. There was the guy, a widower, who was helping her out. He’d even come like a knight to the rescue to help me repair the siding on my mobile home that the wind had torn loose. I hadn’t known I even needed rescuing, but that was his way.

Thinking he might scorn my desire to go through a maze as silly and childish, I nevertheless asked him. “Grayson, would you like to accompany me?”

Without hesitation he agreed. And he agreed to our first rule. Always turn in the same direction. That way, we’d get the most out of the maze, and we wouldn’t get lost.

Much later, he told me he found me interesting, and by the second year, we were going together. So when we entered the corn maze, he added a new rule. Never skip a cul de sac. In each one, a hug and a kiss.

The third year, with the two rules intact, we visited the maze as a married couple. It had become our tradition, and we continued with but one skip.

In 2008, a horrendous year for so many, with the tanking economy, the raging storms, the multi-state wildfires and weeks of smoky air, and my Grayson in the hospital for three months with e-coli, no one had a chance to use the corn maze. A tornado had flattened it.

We resumed our walks through the maze until Grayson passed in 2018. Of all the traditions we experienced, that is the one that stays with me as a celebration of our love and sharing.

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