Grounded, a Dragons’ Tale

Grounded, a Dragon’s Tale is science fantasy, available online at your favorite bookstores, in print or as an e-book.

Or you can buy on smashwords.

Her wings are smashed, her groombug gone. No dragon can live without a groombug, so Rumplewing must leave her clan and die.

Instead, she reclaims life when she stumbles upon Balofur, a lone groombug, hideously scarred.

No groombug can live without his dragon,so they join together. However their relationship turns uneasy when Rumplewing learns Balofur is only borrowing her until he can rescue his very much alive dragon from outworlders who are capturing and killing dragons. Rumple and Balofur are caught up in the struggle to preserve themselves and save their species. The first clue to their salvation lies with two outworlders, an unstable boy and his mother who is married to the enemy.

Welcome to Rumplewing’s planet.

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