That Other Kind

That Other Kind 3 gimpHere is the latest cover for That Other Kind.  I couldn’t abide the previous one.  Too crappy.  This novella is still available at the same online stores, but I’ve decided to offer it for free.  So far it’s free at Smashwords.

A Young Adult fantasy novella available at online ebook stores including:

“Stay away from the water, the killing water that will shiver your bones and suck your breath.” At first adolescent Seagren wants to obey, but she is caught between the tug of the sea and the pull of the land. She is That Other Kind, different.  And illegal.  Why? Seagren rebells against those who would alter her, and she flees those who would imprison her. Other than the sea, the only safety she finds is with a young village lord who secretly knows why That Other Kind  is different and what mission Seagren must fulfill for the good of all.



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