Celebrating Halloween

Some love Halloween and celebrate it to the full. Others consider it immoral and shun it. A holiday–any holiday–is whatever you make of it.

When we oldsters were kids, Halloween wasn’t very commercial. You might buy a Lone Ranger type black mask and maybe an orange jack-o-lantern, and some black and orange paper for making decorations, and that was it. We made our own costumes, which were more interesting for their funkiness. For a window decoration, we would insert a candle into the store-bought jack-o-lantern, or make our own lantern by hollowing out a pumpkin, carving a face, and then adding a burning candle. The big celebration was a family outing at night to the local school–in our case, a country school. There we paraded our costumes and then took part in contests, such as pushing a peanut across the stage with our nose. Or bobbing for apples. Or trying to bite into an apple dangling from a string by its stem. Fun and innocent games. And by today’s standard, germy.

It wasn’t until we moved to town as adults that we met up with the trick-or-treat practice. I saw no appeal in it, but my father made a game of it by keeping score of the number of little ones who came to the door and commenting on their costumes. They were always well-behaved, always accompanied with a parent or older sibling, and often shy.

Because we were too old to go trick-or-treating, I feel no nostalgia. And while we ready treats for the oncoming little ones, my hubby and I have our own Halloween tradition. We might watch the movie, Young Frankenstein, but most importantly, we visit the corn maze. We took our first tour when we were engaged. The only time we missed was the year a tornado flattened the corn and the maze had to be canceled. We have our own rules for the maze. Once hubby and I enter, we always turn the same direction. And we always enter even the dead-ends, long or short, because at the end of each dead-end, we give a hug and a kiss. Everything else aside, it’s the corn maze that makes our Halloween.



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