Remember the Holocaust

For years I thought history was the study of war. And I wondered, Why do we want to remember such evil? Why, for example, would we want to build museums about WWII? All through elementary school and high school and into college, we saw photographs of the naked dead piled in open mass graves at the concentration camps. We saw living human skeletons, innocent Jewish victims of war. The books, the movies, the lopped-off family trees are with us still.

Why do we want to remember such terror?

Because by remembering, we have truth. By having truth, we have the lesson, the tool, that helps us to avoid a future like Nazi Germany.

And the future is here. See the mad man in the Oval Office. See how Trump has come to power and surrounded himself with moral thugs. See how, from day 1, he has worked to destroy our democracy. He overrides a judge’s order to stop the immigration madness. He counts himself above the law. He freezes government hiring, except for the military. His shrunken government could not step in immediately to help the hurricane-devastated southeastern states. He and his ilk lie, blatantly, and call the lies alternative facts. Six reporters may face 10 years in prison because they covered a protest that turned violent. He threatened to send troops to Chicago, not to resist a riot but because Chicago has a high crime rate. His insanity showed itself before he was elected, and it shows itself now. I could go on for pages, but I’m sure you’ve already seen and heard for yourself how he models himself on Hitler.

When I was in college, one of my female professors, an immigrant from Austria, mentioned she had worked in the freedom underground during World War II. I felt such admiration and wondered if I could be so brave. We don’t know whether we are brave or cowardly or too despairing until the crisis comes.

The crisis is here. We are not defenseless. God gave me the realization that there is a tremendous force for good in this country. We saw an example of it in the Women’s March. By peacefully and lawfully working to save our democracy, we will succeed. Have faith. Truth is a powerful tool. And we are many.


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