The Dedication of Golfers

As often as possible I walk in Bidwell Park.

Sometimes I walk around the golf course.

Many times deer browse there or simply rest.

Of course birds abound there–woodpeckers, killdeer, blackbirds….  And squirrels.

And always there are the golfers.

In carts and out.

Men and women.

I can always be sure that the club house is open, with its cafeteria, its store, and lounges where you can read a good book.  I can always be sure, because neither rain, nor snow, nor even smoke can drive these golfers away.  Hot weather or cold, there they are.  Their eyes are on the balls–not the birds, not the deer.

The balls.

I imagine the deer feel pretty safe there.  The does bring their fawns.  And the bucks are often there, too.  It’s a family affair.

The dedication of golfers can be seen in the story of  Elsie McLean, member of the Bidwell Women’s Gold Club, 3199 Golf Course Road, Chico, California.  She began golfing in the 1930s and continued into her 100s.  That’s right.  She was on the links at age 105 and hitting a hole in one.  I don’t know when she stopped playing.  She died at age 107.  Perhaps she still plays on the heavenly links.

Now that’s dedication.

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