A Mysterious Dwelling in the Upper Park

Rocky outcropping2944 (2)

While hiking in Upper Bidwell Park, I looked far up the ridge on my right to see a house, complete with a lawn, trees, and shrubs.


I’d never seen it there before, and how did it get there?

This was the wild part of the park, a place of deer, coyotes, secretive bears and mountain lions. It didn’t belong. And so I kept peering at it as I walked along and noted the detail.

The windows, the door.

The roof, walls, and foundation.

Others must have wondered about it, too. A sketchy trail led up to it, so I mounted the trail and approached.

And then I saw it for what it was.

rocky cropping2952 (2)

A rocky outcropping.

Ha! I love this park.

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