Building Bone Vitality, a review

Building Bone Vitality, by Amy Lanou, is a book I would recommend to anyone who is interested in healthy living.  It not only addresses bone loss but other diseases such as diabetes, dementia, or cancer.  The studies mentioned aren’t all new.  I recall reading about them perhaps twenty years ago.  They made sense then; they make sense now. 

I grew up on a dairy, drank lots of milk.  I’ve always exercised, got plenty of sunshine.  No need to worry about developing osteoporosis.  Then one day my doctor told me I was in the early stages.  It didn’t make sense.  How could I when I was doing what was considered all the right things?  I added a lot of calcium to my diet, but one thing concerned me.  I was occasionally bothered by kidney stones.  The doctor assured me that by taking calcium supplements, I would no longer be bothered.  I was also surprised to learn that some of my teeth were decayed.  I have all my teeth, except for my wisdom teeth, and lately I discovered some were cracked.

Enter, Amy Lanou’s book.  It’s intelligent and full of scientific data.  It doesn’t avoid questionable results in studies, but approaches each with honesty.  Really solid stuff.  It’s got to be, because until something better comes along, I’m basing the future of my bones, brains, whole body on it.


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