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Connecting with Nature

Three years ago it became necessary to move to town. It doesn’t seem like a big move, and my hubby and I found a cute house with a yard just the right size for us to diddle in. We planted trees and flowers and veggies. We put up bird feeders and a bird bath. We did what we could to stay in touch with nature.

Despite the country beginning only a block away, I find I miss it. The birds are not as varied as in the country, though on occasion a bird I’ve never seen in the country visits. We even saw a rose-breasted grosbeak, an eastern bird which would be an accidental in California. It was a first winter male, and I wondered how it got off course. It stayed for a week before moving on.

I miss being able to look out at the sunrise or sunset and see an unobstructed sky. No buildings in the way. I miss the sounds of the country, the cows munching in the field, the rooster crowing, the cry of a coyote, the chorus of birds. I miss not being able to keep chickens, not seeing meadowlarks, not seeing jackrabbits. I fear losing the connection, the sense of immersion.

Still I get my country fix by going for walks with my hubby. We walk all over town, but more importantly, we walk into the country. And when I can, I hike in the park.

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