Grayson, a Sportsman

Before Grayson and I met in our 60s, he’d lived an active life and brought many stories to our marriage.

Some people are hunters. Grayson was a sportsman. Grayson’s idea of fun was to get out in nature. If he bagged anything, he considered it a bonus. Whether hunting or fishing, he meticulously followed the rules. Added to that, he never shot birds unless they were in the air. He felt it unfair to shoot them before they were up. And he always aimed for a deer’s head rather than its heart. A head shot is difficult. While it prevents the meat from a gamey taste, it is also a quick kill. The deer doesn’t suffer.

He hunted with others, and during duck season there was one guy who kept bumming shells off of him. Ammunition can be expensive, so Grayson reloaded his used shells. How could he discourage the freeloader? Ah, an idea! He loaded some special shells.

“Hey, Grayson. You got some shells I can borrow?”


The guy loaded his shotgun, fired at the next flock of ducks.


I don’t know if anyone laughed, but the bummer’s face must have turned red. He never bothered Grayson again.


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