Our Vote: Our Voice

Thousands of us tried to unregister as voters when Pence and Kobach’s Voter Fraud panel panicked us by asking the states for information on voters. This result played right into Republican hands, who have worked hard over the years to disenfranchise voters, through gerrymandering and through strict voter ID laws.

Why did we panic and try to throw away our voting rights? Was it through the Trump era fear and hate mongering, the threats on private citizens, the constant lies?

What have we to lose by voting? The states have refused to hand over our voter records to the panel, aware the federal government cannot legally force compliance. Even so, the records are already available. So how does this threaten us voters? Should we fear arrest? Why? We’ve done nothing wrong by voting. We can state that with assurance. It’s been proven that voter fraud is as prevalent as a flock of geese reciting the Gettysburg Address. It exists at less than 0%. So, is the panel’s objective to pander to Trump’s ego and somehow “prove” that Hillary Clinton’s popular win by 3 million is fake? Or does it have the deeper purpose—to further disenfranchise citizens?

If the panel examined the millions of voter records, they would need to think up some reason to remove people’s names from those rolls. The easiest way is to create panic. Frighten us away from the polls.

My response to this sham panel is: Don’t be fooled. Don’t be manipulated by intimidation.

It is logical to fear an administration that chips away at our civil rights and liberties, even as it rules through lies, hate, bigotry, and fear. But we have the vote. It is our right. And not only our right. It is our responsibility.

This hateful administration seeks to take away our voice, our vote, because it fears us. The vote is our most powerful tool, and it was hard won. We must act with courage to protect and reinstate our liberties and protections. We must not despair and surrender to our fears. Let our fear for our future and the future of our loved ones drive our courage to use this most precious tool. Our voice, our vote.

Understand, we are not alone. We are part of a tremendous force for good. Let our voice be heard through the ballot. And when we look back, we can be proud we acted with courage.



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