About Me

When working in biology, I missed art. When working in art, I missed biology. It took a bout of multiple chemical sensitivities to limit me to writing. At last here was a niche in which I felt old-clothes comfortable. At last I could indulge all my interests, from art and science to nature and spirituality, from reality to fantasy. Consequently I have sold articles and short stories and placed in contests.  My dream is to have my novels published and enjoyed.

I grew up in the country and attended a country school. After high school, I car-pooled with my mother, older brother, and a kid from a neighboring farm to college. We were all students, and in those days, tuition cost less than $30 a semester.
More interested in freedom and adventure than marriage, I piled on the experiences, such as in teaching, farm work, Christian ministry, Army research and development, care taking, and teaching martial arts.

Over the years, I discovered that aging is an interesting process. Your whole body heads south, and time either speeds up or you slow down. Features that were once unfinished are now full of character. More than youth, I value the wisdom gained, and the ability to say, “I know because I was there.”

Presently I live in Northern California with my husband of late years who thinks I’m the most beautiful lady he’s ever met and tells me a hundred times a day in a hundred ways how much he loves me.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. siefkenpublications
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 11:18:11

    Hi Gloria, I am contacting you because you showed an interest in being interviewed on KDP. I can be reached at WendyandCharlesSiefken@yahoo.com. I will send you an outline of what the interview will consist of as well as questions to answer. Thank you for your interest!

    Wendy Siefken


  2. Brian Piper
    Feb 11, 2014 @ 09:52:32

    Hello Gloria,
    Just saw your special deal on Train to Nowhere, offer ending yesterday Feb 10. Well, I’ll keep watching.
    Want to say I really enjoyed your “About Me” remarks. Reminds me that even when you think you know someone, there are surprises when they speak out.
    You are a good writer. I’ll get more exposure soon.
    Little brother Brian


  3. Markie Madden
    Nov 02, 2014 @ 19:03:14

    Hi there! We met on LinkedIn’s book marketing group. Are you still interested in exchanging interviews? Please let me know.


    • gloria piper
      Nov 03, 2014 @ 19:58:23

      Hi, Markie,
      Yes, I am interested in exchanging interviews. I checked out your website, and it is awesome. My blog site is gloriapiper.wordpress.com.

      Gloria Piper


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